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Board Meeting Minutes – How Much is Too Much?

The minutes of a nonprofit’s board of trustees meeting are the official, legal record.  Over the years, we’ve seen this range from a few paragraphs outlining the key decisions of the board to minute by minute documentation of every word spoken at the meeting.  Obviously there has to be a happy medium.

Recording your meetings, documenting a closed session of the board and open records laws are just some of the things your organization should consider to be sure you are following the law, protecting the organization and protecting the trustees.  Also, caution board members against keeping their own “unofficial” copy of meeting minutes back at the office in a file folder.  History has shown that these simple notes scribbled on your agenda can be used in legal proceedings.  Check out these resources to be sure your nonprofit’s minutes are on target.

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Let us hear from you: who takes the minutes at your board meetings – staff or the board secretary?

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