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Does Your Nonprofit Need to Register to Raise Money for your Mission?

Yes!  Before conducting any fundraising activity, Kentucky law requires a nonprofit organization to register with the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division. There are 92 pages on the Attorney General’s website listing charities who have registered.  Given the number of nonprofits registered with the IRS in Kentucky, there are certainly some organizations who may not be aware of this law or have not updated their registration.  If this includes your organization, don’t delay – now is the time to ensure your nonprofit is compliant.   And the good news is the Attorney General’s office exists to help.

Also important to consider is that with the emergence of online fundraising, an organization not paying close attention to its donor list can find itself subject to the charitable solicitation laws (including registration) of another state.  Unfortunately, there is no single national registration application that works in every state, though 36 states (including Kentucky) do accept a unified registration statement.

It’s important to take the time to understand the law and follow the steps required to be sure your organization is in compliance so that your nonprofit is in great shape to raise the needed funds to accomplish your mission.


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